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Anonymous: as a senior, I'd also like to remind everyone taking os this year to remember that just cause u did well in prelims, it doesn't mean u can slack off for os! remember to just pia, because u can always enjoy the holiday after. don't end up regretting!

similarly, it won’t be the end if u did badly for prelims. there is enough time to save ur grades if u use ur time wisely. good luck, juniors!

the above is sent by another/same senior and I find them really useful! (it kind of gives me hope you see because I don’t think I will do well for this prelim but I am ready to buck up)

Anonymous: ..what about people who are taking A levels..? :(

ok ok ok senpais taking A levels, please also take care of yourselves! A levels hahaha I don’t even want to think about it but oh well please do your best and try not to tire yourselves out before the exam! drink more water and take way more supplements! but do remember to sleep early most nights though! sleep is very important senpais!

and since I really love nyanko sensei

senpai gambate desu! ! ! !! !


cubaek: asdgfsda that o level message thing omg. you're so sweet ;~; it really helped ^^

i’m glad it does! C:

a little note of encouragement

to those who are taking o levels this year, please continue to work hard and persevere! I know all of us here are having/going to have our final prelims around this period, please don’t feel discouraged if the results don’t meet your expectations! (i heard prelims are meant to discourage us a little so that we can work harder towards our goals for o’s!) remember to take vitamin C and B complex (a great stress relief i heard) as supplements and drink more water along your revision! all the best to those taking o levels (although technically we are competing against each other during the drawing of bell curve but! !! !) all the best!

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